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Hi. I'm Rachel Hull, a Medical Herbalist based in Geelong & online. I have a passion for helping women of all ages who are struggling with mood & hormonal fluctuations. I love working with people who are interested in their physical & mental wellbeing & who are motivated to do what's needed to start to feel great again. I combine traditional herbal knowledge, with health science, dietary & lifestyle support to help you feel your best.

Women's Health

Women have a range of unique health issues that change throughout the various phases of life. Thankfully herbalism has a long history of use in women's health, including with pre menstrual syndrome (PMS), menstrual discomfort, perimenopausal & menopausal symptoms,  mood & sleep issues, among others. I have access to a lovely range of women's health herbs  & would be honoured to support you.

Digestive Health

Digestive problems, such as bloating, gas, cramping, gastritis, reflux etc are no fun! Thankfully, diet & lifestyle modifications, plus herbal medicines may relieve symptoms (& ideally address the cause). Some complex or long term conditions may also benefit from testing to investigate your gut ecosystem & the ways it may be impacting your health. This can be arranged if necessary, although we will always start with the basics first.

Mood & Energy

A certain amount of stress is perfectly normal and helps us develop resilience. Sometimes, however, we don't seem to bounce back from stressful events as quickly as we would like, or as quickly as we once did. Herbal medicine, prescribed by a qualified Herbalist, can be particularly helpful for acute anxiety, insomnia, low mood & fatigue.

I Also Work With

A variety of people with a wide range of health issues & stories come through my clinic. This includes people with: eczema, acne, autoimmune conditions, osteoarthritis, sinus problems & hayfever (to name a few). Although I work with a lot of women, I also welcome men & gender diverse individuals.  If you're wondering if I can help you, why not book a Free Discovery Call so we can have a chat first.

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If you would like a consultation with me you have a couple of options. You can see me face-to-face at The Urban Herbalist cinic in East Geelong, or online via Zoom or Skype if you prefer. You can even book a FREE Discovery Call if you would like to chat first before commiting. You can read more about what's included in the various consultations by clicking the 'Read More' button below.


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