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Hi. I'm Rachel Hull, a degree qualified Medical Herbalist based in Geelong.

I am currently offering all consultations ONLINE to safely support my clients healthcare needs. The clinic stocks a range of  herbal extracts & products that are formulated for you as needed, including remedies for supporting the immune, respiratory & nervous systems. Remedies can be posted to you, or no contact pick up or drop off can be arranged (if local). I am doing my part to keep people safe by applying strict hygeine & physical distancing. But I'm still here for you. Acute Consultations are $40 for 20-25 minutes with other consultations priced accordingly.

Immune & Respiratory Support

During Autumn & Winter our immune & respiratory systems often benefit from extra care & attention. Cold, windy weather & lack of Vitamin D from sunshine can leave us vulnerable. Exercise & nutritious food are obviously very important. In addition, qualified Herbalists use herbal medicines for building stamina & providing immune & respiratory support. Please get in touch if  you would like to discuss your options at this time. Obviously if you are showing respiratory  symptoms that may relate to Coronavirus, I will request you to consult your GP & rule this out first.

Anxiety, Mood, Stress & Fatigue

While a certain amount of stress is perfectly normal and helps us develop resilience,  the situation we currently find ourselves in will test most of us mentally & emotionally at some stage. Herbal medicines, lifestyle & nutritional support can all play a supportive role in reducing mood issues. Herbal medicines can be particularly helpful for acute anxiety, stress, low mood, insomnia & fatigue. And if you need more support than what I can offer you, I'll do my best to direct you to the help you need or work with your other practitioners. Feel free to book a FREE Discovery Call if you would like to chat first.

I Also Work With

I work with a variety of people, age groups & health issues, including people with: sinusitis, hayfever, asthma, eczema, digestive problems, anxiety, fatigue, low mood & blood pressure issues (to name a few). Although I work with a lot of women, I also welcome men & gender diverse individuals. If you're wondering if I can help you, why not book a Free Discovery Call so we can have a chat first. Or jump on in & book a consultation.

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Hi. I am currently offering ONLINE consultations, where we meet online (ideally) or the telephone. Remedies can be posted to you. Or I offer non contact pick up or drop off (if local to Geelong). If you would like to speak first before committing, book a FREE Discovery Call. You can read more about what's included in the various consultations by clicking the 'Read More' button below. Currently I am offering shorter Acute Consultations ($40 for 20 mins). Longer consultations are available as needed.



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