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The Urban Herbalist - Geelong

Day off at the Geelong Botanic Gardens


Hi everyone. My name is Rachel Hull and I'm the Herbalist here at 'The Urban Herbalist, in East Geelong, Victoria, Australia. I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself and the clinic, and share a little bit more about what it is that a holistic Herbalist actually does and how this may help you.

Medical Herbalist Training & Practice

Firstly, I'll share a little about how I trained to become a Medical Herbalist. I have a Bachelor of Health Science (Western Herbal Medicine). This was a very intensive three year degree, looking at many aspects of human health including how the body works when things are working well, and what can happen when things start to not work as well as we'd like, and perhaps we become sick. As part of that degree I also did a very intensive deep dive into herbal medicine studies, including looking at how Herbalists traditionally and historically have used certain remedies. What type of people seemed to respond well to particular herbal remedies? In what situations did traditional Herbalists have success? And then looking to see if there's any modern day health science that might be able to support some of those traditional uses? These days, it's not at all unusual for people to be taking pharmaceutical medications, such as blood pressure medication, so a significant part of a modern day Herbalist's training is around ensuring safety from potential herb/drug interactions.

Did You Know Herbalists Also ...?

Some people may not be aware that although herbs are the main tool that Herbalists use, as holistic practitioners we also look at your diet, lifestyle and what's going on emotionally, to try to make sense of what may be impacting your health. Sometimes this is very clear and obvious and things can be resolved quickly. But there are certainly times we have to put our detective hats on, such as with chronic health issues; which took time to develop and will likely take time to resolve or bring to a state of relative balance.

The Herbal Remedies

Here at The Urban Herbalist I have a range of beautiful liquid herbs, which are lovely because I can mix a prescription individually for each person. If we find that we want to reduce the dose of something and increase something else, we can do that each time. So these liquid herb blends are very individual according to each person's vitality, sensitivity, personality and presenting symptoms. I purchase these herbs from high quality practitioner only companies, and I also make some of my own, which are prescribed after a consultation. In addition to liquid herbs, I also have access to high quality practitioner only herbal tablets and capsules, for those who prefer these for convenience or other reasons.

Rachel pouring a herbal formula for a client

The Garden

In my garden, which you'll walk through to come to the clinic, I've planted as many samples of medicinal herbs as possible. The garden is very modest in size but I do try to nurture as many medicinal plants as I can ... particularly if they can cope with our rather extreme weather. It's important for me as a Herbalist to keep some hands on connection with the herbs that I use as medicine. And it's also lovely for clients to get a sense of where some of their herbal medicines have originated from.

Top left to right: Yarrow, Calendula, Gotu Kola

Bottom left to right: Fennel seeds, Nasturtium & Thyme

Want To Know More?

The website has a lot more information & bookings can be made from there. I also offer Free 15 Minute Discovery Calls for new clients around Geelong, the Bellarine & Surf Coast, which is a great way to reach out, and get a feel for if I'm the right practitioner for you. You can book a FREE Discovery Call or book another consultation here

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